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Restaurant Varna, Denmark.jpg


 A wave of new interiors are being created around the world.  The focus is on surrealism.  Details that one rarely sees in day to day life, become realized through abstract shapes, colour saturation and textures. 

-Restaurant Varna, Denmark by Verner Panton Interiors 

Viceroy Hotel, Miami.jpg


Using interiors as a medium, Frances Boychuk draws on inspiration such as the Viceroy Hotel found in Miami by Kelly Wearstler.  Nothing says vision like dramatic flair.  People will always remember a unique design that pushes the boundaries.

Four Seasons Hotel, Montreal.jpg


Forecasting trends is a large  part of delivering a successful interior design project.  The use of colour, and a discerning non conformity can lead to an out of the box space never seen before.   -Nanan Patisserie, Poland by Buck Studio


Interiors should always have a philosophy behind the concept.  It's the best way to achieve thoughtful spaces that make a connection with those who come into contact with it.  Design with intention.

-Four Seasons Hotel, by Gilles & Boissier with Philip Hazan

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